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Meet the Sandhill Mobile Cafe: A Q&A with Phil

Meet the Sandhill Mobile Cafe: A Q&A with Phil Written by Erica Zazo The wait is finally over! We’re so excited to introduce you to our new Sandhill Mobile Cafe. In this Q&A, we sit down with founder of Sandhill Coffee, Phil Wingo, who talks about how he came up with the idea for the mobile coffee trailer, where the Sandhill coffee community can find us this summer, and all the details on this new, exciting edition to Sandhill. What was your vision for the truck? This June, Sandhill Coffee celebrates our fourth year in business. I am very grateful to make it to this point. Each year, more and more people join our coffee community, and it is amazing...

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How It All Started

How It All Started My journey into the world of specialty coffee may be a little different than most. Prior to starting Sandhill Coffee, I had never served a cup of coffee in a café. Even bigger picture, I did not work in the food industry. How did I stumble into the coffee world? Have to go back a few years for how things fell into place. I had just moved to Chicago to be closer to family as our son was on the way (I used to live in Michigan.) The process of trying to find my next job begun. At first, I had a fun summer job and was working on a fishing boat out of Chicago. During...

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Describing Coffee - Acidity and Body

Describing what your tasting in your coffee cup can be a bit overwhelming like other drinks. Wine, whiskey, beer and coffee seem to have their own language when talking about it. Here are a couple of key coffee phrases you may hear frequently. Acidity in coffee- good or evil? The first thing you may think of when referring to acidity and coffee is that gut rot you may get. Rightfully so, that’s not enjoyable at all. No one wants to have a cup of coffee have their insides turned about. This bad acidic taste is from over roasting the bean. The bitterness and sourness is from quinic acid. This is what really turns people away from coffee. This can partially...

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