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Conscious Coffee: 5 Ways to Reuse Sandhill Coffee Grounds

Conscious Coffee: 5 Ways to Reuse Sandhill Coffee Grounds We love it when the Sandhill Coffee community drinks our coffee. But even more, we love it when our coffee drinkers think and act consciously when it comes to environmental conservation and sustainability.  Did you know the average American household consumes about 3 cups of coffee daily?  That’s about 1-6 tablespoons of coffee each day. Times that by 365 days in a year, and that means every coffee consumer produces upwards of 2,190 tablespoons of used grounds, or over 135 cups of coffee grounds, per year. While there are certainly worse things to throw away in your trash can, used coffee grounds that make it to landfills can lead to a...

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5 Pro Tips for Comfort Camping

5 Pro Tips for Comfort Camping By Erica Zazo Car camping – or state, county, and municipal park campgrounds that let you pull up and park your campsite – is one of the best and most common ways to enjoy a weekend sleeping under the stars in nature.  This type of camping allows you to go all-out when it comes to decking out your site with creature comforts you can’t bring on a backpacking trip. In fact, if you plan and pack with comfort in mind, it can really turn out to be quite the “glamping” trip.  From bringing an air mattress to packing Christmas lights to illuminate your camp at night, we’ve put together some of the best pro...

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10 Chicago Festivals and Events to Attend this Year

Last year, we shared a number of outdoor events around the Midwest, and this year, we’re showcasing the best of Chicago-specific events. We hope this list of outdoor music festivals, art fairs, and food truck-filled street festivals makes it that much easier to get outside and enjoy your summer and fall.

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