Nelcy Clavijo - Med/Dark Roast
Nelcy Clavijo - Med/Dark Roast
Nelcy Clavijo - Med/Dark Roast

Nelcy Clavijo - Med/Dark Roast

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Finca El Alto de la Cruz - coffee farm, the family house, and food production is a truly a collaborative effort by the Clavijo family and friends. With two women in charge of the coffee production, Nelcy and Negrita. The Clavijos are from the city of Armenia. Armenia is about 6 hours north, but were among the first mestizos (non-indigenous) to come to the then frontier land with coffee seeds when Nelcy was a child. 

Gaitania is extremely remote, several hours and geographically separated from the nearest city.  The region is pristine and the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful and unique to other regions of Colombia, with steep, sharp mountain peaks in the shadow of the Nevado del Huila, the perpetually snow-capped volcano that gives Gaitania fertile, volcanic soil.

The rise of specialty coffee in the region is providing a much-needed economic stimulus, improving the quality of life.

We hope you enjoy this coffee!

  • Flavor Notes—  Floral, Sweet Mango, Citric Acidity
  • Varietals - Caturra, Colombia
  • Farm - El Alto De La Cruz
  • Process—Washed
  • Elevation - 1550 m
  • Roast Level—Medium / Dark