La Suiza — Guatemala
La Suiza — Guatemala

La Suiza — Guatemala

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La Suiza is an old German coffee plantation located in remote tropical highlands of the San Marcos department of Western Guatemala. The finca (farm) was sold under a government loan program implemented after the Peace Accords formally ended the 36-year Guatemalan civil war. The La Suiza Co-op currently consists of 28 members and each farmer works 36 cuerdas (approximately 5 acres) of land. To reach some plots—due to the mountainous terrain and large expanse of land—up to a 1.5-hour-walk is required.

La Suiza is located within the warmest of Guatemala's coffee-growing regions. It also has the highest rainfall pattern, reaching up to 200 inches with humidity levels of 70-80%.

  • Flavor Notes—Subtle floral, distinctive acidity, great body
  • Varietals - Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra
  • Farm - La Suiza Co-op
  • Process—Natural (Dry)
  • Elevation—1300-1700 m
  • Roast Level—Dark