Mainstay — Dark Roast
Mainstay — Dark Roast

Mainstay — Dark Roast

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Mainstay is our rotating dark roast!

The name mainstay, is in reference to a nautical term. The mainstay on a sailboat is the rope (or line) that extends from the main-top to the foot of the foremast.

As continuing with our other coffees, this will always be sourced from a co-op or single origin, so you know where it is from!

Currently, Mainstay is from Colombia, specifically Rodrigo Pelaez's farm - Bella Vista. If dark roasted coffee if your style this is for you. You may pick up notes of chocolate and sugar cane in this cup.

Are you a cold brew drinker? These notes will come out and make an enjoyable cold brew.

Farm: Finca Bella Vista
Origin: Neira, Caldas, Colombia
Variety: Castillo
Elevation: 1800m
Notes: Chocolate and Sugar Cane