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Day 3 in Guatemala

My third day staying at Eduardo’s home started off with our regular homemade breakfast and fresh coffee. However, today only involved a little bit of coffee. The plan for the day was a cooking class and a cupping. Before the cooking class I had a couple of hours, so what do I do? Ask and you shall be given something to do. I got to help clean black beans – first time for everything! The beans were already harvested but we had to go through and remove all the small debris and broken beans. These beans are used food at the house. The way I was shown to do this was place an amount of beans in a large colander...

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Processing our harvested coffee.

Processing after our coffee harvest. I’ll pick up right where the previous blog left off to wrap up talking about my first day there. Following the harvesting of the beans, we carried what we had back down the hill to Angel’s home. (Angel is the farmer we were with) Once back to his home, we sorted through the beans to find any beans that were not red enough, or not ripe. Those were removed, and we were left with the ripe beans ready to go. Here is where it turns into a choose your ending scenario, A) is this coffee going to be “naturally” processed B) is this coffee going to be “washed” process. The choice was B, washed processed....

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