Guatemalan Coffee Farm Experience

During the first week of December I had the opportunity to go down to Guatemala and visit one of Sandhill’s coffee suppliers, De La Gente. De La Gente, works with several co-ops across Guatemala, I specifically visited their main office and farm in San Miguel, just outside of the city of Antigua.

I am really into learning of processes, I enjoy understanding how things work. So of course, I had a bunch of question. When first researching and planning this coffee business, I was really intrigued of visiting a farm to be able to learn the first part of the chain.

While down there, I was blown away by the experience. I stayed at one of the farmers homes, talked to several farmers who are part of the San Miguel Co-op. Learned from them and others what is involved in each the process before they are loaded on a container and sent to North America. I had to opportunity to see a couple farmers plots of land for coffee plants and even help pick some ripe coffee cherries.

It was a memorable experience and one I am looking forward to share with you. Each day was a new experience, in future blog posts I will be talking about each day and what I experienced.

Enjoy your coffee!

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