Fall is in the Air - Time to get outside!

Looking back to my last blog post, I've realized how much I've been slacking with these.

This summer has flown by. Farmers markets have been keeping Sandhill Coffee busy and unfortunately they are coming to an end. We are within our last month of markets as our latest one goes until the last Saturday in October. I hope to see you out at one before the season ends.

Summer is still trying to hang out with the occasional warmer temps mid-day but these mornings in the 50's and 60's are feeling a lot like fall! Bring on the changing colors and campfires! (Just a new excuse for a campfire) Now that fall is on its way, it leads us to a new season of things to do outside. Exploring new areas to see thew changing colors or even changing landscapes from what happened during the summer. When out and about, you may recognize different animals that you never noticed before. Some animals may have migrated out of the area with new ones coming in based on the changing weather.

This past weekend I participated in an event through the Wetlands Initiative called the mini blitz. Our goal was to identify as many different species of animals as we could. We walked trails at the Dixon Waterfowl Refuge in search of snakes and reptiles under boards placed in various places. Boards were used as many smaller things will use it for cover. Our first walk was just before sunset. During the walk to came across, fox snakes, brown snakes, garter snakes and mice. I learned that these snakes are already starting to prepare for hibernation with the colder temperatures.  Later on after sunset, we walked out again in search of owls and rails. By using a call, mimicking the owl and rails call, we wanted to see who was out there willing to call back to us. Didn't come across any rails but we did get a couple of screech owls to call back to us. It was a really cool experience!

This is just one example there are many ways to do things like this. Get out and see what is around your area. 

What are some of your favorite fall activities?

Baby fox snakeLarger Fox Snake

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